welcome to ad land

It's a pleasure to have you here. Just a few ground rules to get you started.
-  Do check your email every four minutes. It's always easier sending an email to your desk neighbour than tapping him on the shoulder.
- Don't get nurf guns. Get little balls to throw at each other, so you can play catch as well as dodgeball. 
- Do pull pranks on your fellow colleages, but do not mess with their coffee, personal lives, or lunch. 
- Don't burp in front of girls. They'll think less and less of you for every burp. 
- Do wear a suit if you are one, and if you're not, wear the most comfortable things you can find, just to irritate the suits.
- Don't fall in love with what you do.
- Do love what you do.
- Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that the first concept you come up with is the best one.
- Do understand the insane power of the internet.
- Don't abuse the insane power of the internet. Memes are ok though. They count as inspirational.
- Do run like Forest Gump to the kitchen whenever a client meeting is over. There will be leftovers, and they will go faster than you can say "cold cut".
- Don't complicate something that is undoubtedly supposed to be easy. Example given: 
Thank you for your attention. As you were. 


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