our mossias

This is Mo.
When Mo turned 36 today, he became a poem of a man. Bearded poetry.
His head-turning swagger is something few have managed to wrap their heads around. 
The things he has seen in the many years of his life, they're all what makes him our Mossias. 
Therefore, I thought I would write a few words about him.  
Mo is our Head of Art. Not to be mistaken for the head of Art, or Artur, our Art Director. 
Mo likes beans, jello, and toast. Not all at once, he points out without a smile under his beard.
When Mo was 5, he invented his first happy dance. Ever since then, many new dances have seen the light of day. Mo's favourite music to dance to is Arabic. 
Now there's an auto biography I would read. 
Happy birthday Mo. 


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