welcome to ad land

It's a pleasure to have you here. Just a few ground rules to get you started.
-  Do check your email every four minutes. It's always easier sending an email to your desk neighbour than tapping him on the shoulder.
- Don't get nurf guns. Get little balls to throw at each other, so you can play catch as well as dodgeball. 
- Do pull pranks on your fellow colleages, but do not mess with their coffee, personal lives, or lunch. 
- Don't burp in front of girls. They'll think less and less of you for every burp. 
- Do wear a suit if you are one, and if you're not, wear the most comfortable things you can find, just to irritate the suits.
- Don't fall in love with what you do.
- Do love what you do.
- Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that the first concept you come up with is the best one.
- Do understand the insane power of the internet.
- Don't abuse the insane power of the internet. Memes are ok though. They count as inspirational.
- Do run like Forest Gump to the kitchen whenever a client meeting is over. There will be leftovers, and they will go faster than you can say "cold cut".
- Don't complicate something that is undoubtedly supposed to be easy. Example given: 
Thank you for your attention. As you were. 

introductory statement

Have you ever wondered why some people are so incredibly loud and passionate while talking on the phone? I have. 

It's as if they immerse themselves so blindly in the little talking machine, that they forget that there are other ears around them. 

They don't seem to care that everyone can hear. If they have something to show, they'll flaunt it. And if they have something to say, they'll yell it.


I used to think that it was just plain ignorance. That the screamers had no awareness what so ever about how they forced everyone, that were located on the same street, to listen to their details about how that tall girl they met on the incredibly drunken Friday night was kinda hot, but also not. She was too keen. About how big of a struggle Saturday was, and about how much they dreaded going to their mum's place on Tuesday, because it meant having to come clean about having been smoking for the last five years. Little sis' had slipped up. 


However, recently, I've realised that their yelling is caused by something completely different than not having any self-perception. They don't care about the fact that other people can hear their business. They just care that the person on the other side of the phone can. They're just loud. 


This is where the most nerdy little bunch people get a voice. We talk passionately off the phone. 

We might be a bit crazy, and we might not be exactly what you want us to be.

But if we have something to say, we yell it.

We're LOUD. 



our mossias

This is Mo.
When Mo turned 36 today, he became a poem of a man. Bearded poetry.
His head-turning swagger is something few have managed to wrap their heads around. 
The things he has seen in the many years of his life, they're all what makes him our Mossias. 
Therefore, I thought I would write a few words about him.  
Mo is our Head of Art. Not to be mistaken for the head of Art, or Artur, our Art Director. 
Mo likes beans, jello, and toast. Not all at once, he points out without a smile under his beard.
When Mo was 5, he invented his first happy dance. Ever since then, many new dances have seen the light of day. Mo's favourite music to dance to is Arabic. 
Now there's an auto biography I would read. 
Happy birthday Mo. 

inte sant men fin låt



blev påmind om ett av mina favoritord ikväll. läs rubriken. annars älskar jag ro, veck, och kaka.
på engelska är mina favoritord leverage, book, och excrutiating.
i helgen flyttar jag till surry hills och blir innerstadsflicka igen. bara en sån sak.

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