models and coffee - backstage livin'

Muffins and mothers.
Actors and amplifiers.
Bottled water, baseball caps and fold-out chairs. 
The other day we nailed a TV commercial shoot.
Now, you may notice a slight lack of excitement in Mo's eyes. That doesn't mean he wasn't as stoked about the day's events as I was. See, this particular occasion required a monstrous amount of preparation work, which for us LOUD folks, those with the creative vision, and not really with the assigned on-set tasks, meant a lot of hangin' around. After that though, well, yeah, we hung around for a little longer. 
However, as soon as the Swedish director called äction, it was well worth the wait. 5 hours of well-executed prep done by the makeup artists, and 20 minutes of filming, turned into 30 seconds of advertising bliss. 
It's always pretty darn awesome to see how a good team can create something so cool, and make it all run so smoothly, as it did on this shoot. 
Also, there were lollies up for grabs.
I will post the final results here, and tell you more details about what went down behind the scenes of this commercial, as soon as it airs this Sunday. 
Run along now. Don't you have better things to do? No, i know.

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